Raise your profile, boost your credibility and create fame for your beautiful business

You’re ready to get featured in top blog sites, podcasts, magazines and the press

It’s time to get those sexy ‘as seen in’ logos sparkling on your website

It’s time to join the big guns

Introducing The Publicity Program ~ Learn how to find media opportunities and get your beautiful business splashed across top blogs, podcasts and the press!


Founder of Write and Reach & Creator of The Publicity Program

I’m a Publicity Coach & Huffington Post blogger, and my passion lies in teaching inspiring, creative and transformational entrepreneurs just like you how to raise your profile through PR. I’ve spent nearly a decade working in the industry, as a press officer for top not-for-profits and an international charity. I know exactly how to craft the perfect story to get editors to sit up and take notice. I also know how hard it is to run a small business ~ I built my second biz from the ground up selling handmade jewellery. From broadcast to blogs, podcasts to glossy magazines, my fabulous clients have been featured across the media in places like the BBC, By Nature, Paleo diet & Fitness, Bloomberg.com, Making Jewellery Magazine, Devon Life, Work Out Magazine, Thrive Global and The Huffington Post to name just a few.

And now I’m on a mission to show you how easy it is to create fame for your business too!


I had no idea how to get featured when I started working with Becs, it seemed quite scary! Everything is presented in manageable steps, and the worksheets are really helpful. When we were featured in Devon Life, I actually yelped when I saw the article! What’s more, we started getting new orders straight away.

Sam O'Sullivan, SoSpiffy

Here’s what you’ll get when you join The Publicity Program:

The Publicity Program Training

6 modules of juicy goodness teaching my tried and tested techniques to get you featured in the press

Media Opportunities

You’ll learn how to find media opportunities specifically for your business, and how to generate ideas to keep journalists interested


Special Masterclasses

Expert training on topics like getting onto podcasts, guest blogging and using social media to maximise PR

Some of the beautiful businesses I’ve worked with…

Sam in a glossy

Amy on national TV

Amanda on Thrive Global

Steph on a top website

The Publicity Program is a fantastic course, I learnt a lot about the value of my story, what the media are looking for, where to go, who to target including all the resources. In addition to the top quality content, Becs is an awesome teacher, and is truly a top expert in her field. Her helpful post got me onto Huffington Post. Once that happened, it spurred me on to approach Thrive and Psychologies too and get published! Becs is always there to guide and support you, which is a bonus in itself in the online course world.

Amanda Kerin, Empowerment Coach, Amandakerin.uk

Picture this ~

You wake up in the morning, reach for your phone, and notice you’ve been tagged as the expert in Facebook groups of people needing exactly what you have to offer.

You grab a steaming hot cuppa and switch on your computer – ping, your first email notification of the day arrives from a potential new client whose seen an article that you wrote on her favourite blog site.

And it doesn’t stop there…

Today you woke up with butterflies in your stomach ~ that interview you did with a journalist from a top glossy mag is due to hit the shelves!

You reach for your copy, eagerly flick through the pages, and there you are – in full technicolour glory with a name drop of your business too. Basking in your moment of glory, the phone rings ~ it’s the host of a popular radio show who would like to interview you! Sounds like the perfect day, doesn’t it? Well what if I told you this is completely within your reach? I know, because I’ve been there, and so have my clients too.

I’m not an ex journalist,and I haven’t worked with a string of A-list celebrity clients. But I have built my own creative business, and I’ve spent hundreds of hours honing my craft whilst working with passionate, transformational business owners just like you ~ real people who want to raise their profile and get fantastic coverage in the press. 

Why am I telling you this?

Because I know for a fact that if I can do it, you can do it too, and I’m here to show you how.  

I feel so much more confident now.  And really excited to put everything The Publicity Program has taught me into action!  Becs makes it seem much less scary and The Publicity Program gives you step by step instructions to get yourself out there. I now realise it’s something we can all do for our businesses, and not just journalists and PR professionals!

Stephanie Miller Hypnotherapy

The Publicity Program is very well presented, making it easy to follow up along and take action. Everything you need to prepare to secure press for your company is here.  Well worth the investment! This program saved me so much time and I’m now confident about approaching journalists.

Cheryl Scoffield, The Follow Up Specialist

Module 1 ~ Preparing For Publicity

From getting into the visibility mindset to prepping your website, we’ll cover everything you need to ensure your ready to get featured in the press.

Module 2 ~ Finding Your Story

You’ll learn exactly what makes a newsworthy story that will get the attention of editors. I’ll take you step by step through developing your unique ideas

Module 3 ~ Writing Your Newsworthy Story

From writing your first press release to crafting a killer guest blog post, we’ll take an in-depth look at how to craft the perfect story for your PR

Module 4 ~ Pitching For Success

Making meaningful connections with top journalists and editors. By the end of this module you’ll have your first pitch ready to go!

Module 5 ~ Maximising Your PR

There are steps you can take to ramp your coverage up a notch. From harnessing social media to media monitoring, in this module you’ll learn exactly how!

Module 6 ~ Online Publicity Success

Digital media is the fastest growing, and I’ll show you how to use podcast interviews and guest blogs to really ramp up your profile online!

People!  The Publicity Program has completely transformed how I feel about doing PR!!! Pre-Becs, I was clueless, intimidated and had no clear plan. Now I actually feel excited about going forward. I have a clearly laid out, manageable plan and – hugely important – I really understand and truly connect with the logic behind the strategies. Yay!

Kathy Pfeiffer, Color & Style Consultant, Beauty Valued

This exciting program is for you if:


You’re a small business owner ready to take your business to the next level and to boost your credibility through PR.


You’re an action-taker. You’ll get maximum benefit from The Publicity Program if you take action right away. I’ll give you all the materials and guidance you need, then it’s up to you to make the magic happen!

This program is IDEAL for you if you’ve done the groundwork with your business – you have a website, you know your ideal client and you have some great products or services which you’re ready to get out into the world! You don’t have to have been in business for long to get great PR, but having the foundations in place is essential.

Frequently Asked Questions…

Will you write the press release for me?

You are the best person to write about your business, and I aim to empower you and give you all the tools you need to write your press releases & pitches.

How does the program work?

This is a self-study course with videos, workbooks and specialist training.

Do you guarantee me coverage?

PR is an art, and not a science, and coverage is dependent on so many variables, that I cannot guarantee you will get coverage, and no PR professional worth their salt should ever guarantee you will get coverage. That being said, my clients have got some fantastic results in both national and international magazines, blogs, radio & podcasts. This program will give you everything you need to be in the best possible position to get some great coverage for your business, time and again!

Will you help me find contact details?

There is a lesson in The Publicity Program which goes through the different ways you can get contact details for editors and journalists. Plus I’ll share any media opportunities which come my way 🙂

Will you send the pitch for me?

No, by completing the modules you’ll get ready to pitch for yourself. As a passionate entrepreneur you are the number one best spokesperson for your amazing biz. Once you’ve done it once you will feel far more confident about pitching again I promise. I aim to empower you to able to contact other publications without my support, so that you can do it time and again.

I have a service/ product business, does this matter?

The processes I teach can be used on any type of business

Can I work with you one-to-one?

Yes! I work with a few VIP clients each month on a one-to-one basis. Prices start at £3,000. Head back to Write & Reach and check out my packages click here>>>

The Publicity Programme really helped me to focus on how to gain publicity. The simple, friendly and accessible content is actionable, practical and motivating. Becs has a wealth of valuable knowledge to share.

Amy Morse, Authorpreneur